Our Team


Why i do what i do

One of my strongest and happiest childhood memories is time spent in my Granny’s kitchen. Growing up in rural Australia, farming communities were small and close knit.

My Granny’s farmhouse kitchen had a wood stove and very large canisters (5 gallons each) for salt and sugar. She would make passionfruit ice blocks for us for our Sunday visits. All meals were prepared from scratch using ingredients grown on the farm. Roast chicken dinners literally meant selecting a volunteer from the free range hens. Cream was obtained via the separator in the dairy. Every memory I have of my Granny includes her kitchen apron.

These early childhood memories have remained a powerful influence and which later in life enabled me to combine my engineering skills, creativity, and passion for the kitchen space, to create and build our business. Komodo, and our brand Zomodo, are a memorial to my Granny and her influence on my childhood.

Our passion is to design, develop, and manufacture products for beautiful kitchens.

Ross Duffy – Founder & C.E.O.



Andy, Caitlin, Jamy, Queenie, Jessie & Austin are Komodo’s resident Imagineers and in charge of the NPD (New Product Development) department. Engineering, Graphic Design & Marketing are combined here to create a fun loving, design focused team.


Control Freaks

Guten tag! Factory Manager, Zac with sidekicks Jeffery & Ricky run aXCaliba to the utmost efficiency. Smart and safe manufacturing is their number 1 goal. With some of the highest employee safety standards in China and cutting edge technology & machines, they simply love creating great products.

Customer Carers

Customer Carers

Our lovely ladies; Chris, Sophie, Olivia, Hanna & Fanny, care for and serve Komodo customers with respect and proficiency. From order acceptance to shipping, these girls rule our Komodo world with sweet smiles and organisational prowess.


The Sherlock’s

Ciao! The microscope kids; Kyall, Peter, Jarrod, Ray & Abby, lay down the law for our high quality standard. With comprehensive quality plans and checklists and valuable time spent coaching the Komodo production team, these guys are well respected and a constant source of knowledge and laughter!

The Facilitators

The Facilitators

Sumi, Elly, Sandy & Crystal, these 4 smarty pants are the brains behind our operation. Combining mathematical brilliance, technology know-how & HR expertise, they are unstoppable.

The Fabricators

Goedendag! Cool kids on the block; Zhao-O, Simon & Jerry, bend and weld stainless steel better than the best, thus creating kick-ass products.


Shiny Happy People

Goeie More! The ‘wax on wax off’ boys; Chenyi, The Fonz and Will, polish to perfection, crafting that perfect look our customers are chasing.

The Jigsaws

The Jigsaws

George and his experienced team not only assemble and pack Komodo products with diligence and care. They keep the warehouse meticulously organised, and pack customer containers with efficiency.

Management Team

Komodo Management Team

Caitlin, Andy, Ross, Zac, Chris, Sandy & Crystal