Komodo Group Sustainability Statement

At the Komodo Group, we are passionate about sustainability and making smarter choices for the future. We face several constraints within the manufacturing industry in P.R.C. but always endeavor to choose a cleaner greener option when given a choice.

It is our goal, wherever possible, to use recycled materials, reduce waste and pollution, be energy efficient, partner with sustainable companies and make our products long-lasting and eco-friendly.

As a brief overview, here are some of the ways the Komodo Group acts sustainably. Comprehensive water conservation policy: all water from the sink washing production line gets recycled and reused, and all wastewater gets industrial filtered before entering the drain system to remove any particles or contamination. All packaging that comes into our factory and cannot be reused is collated and sent to the recycling plant. All unused and offcut stainless steel goes to recycling. All our lighting is LED (low power usage).

We have stopped the use of all polystyrene packaging products from the start of 2022, our innovative new Eco-Packaging is made up of folded hard cardboard corners, which are 100% recyclable. The Eco-Packaging design has less than 10mg of polymers and does not even need tape to close the cardboard carton. The design is environmentally friendly, strong, and durable.

We look forward to continually updating this statement with even more sustainable initiatives.


Ross Duffy,

General Manager

Komodo Group