Orizuro Collection

The Orizuro designs are inspired by the traditional Japanese artwork of Origami. The paper crane, or Orizuru (original - "folded", tsar "crane") is the most classic of all origami.

All Komodo Tapware are entirely designed and constructed from solid 304 stainless steel which is 100% lead free ensuring clean drinking water.


Zomodo-Rio-Bronze-Collection-1024x673 Orizuro-Collection- Orizuro-Collection-2 Orizuro-Collection-3

Gignus Collection

The Cignus Collection reflects the elegance and grace of a swan with its smooth flowing lines.

The components of all Komodo Tapware are certified to various international standards including WaterMark & WELS (Australia & New Zealand), UPC (North America) and Europe (EN246). Assembled using industry leading components; Sedal cartridges and Neoperl aerators, non-return valves, and hoses. 100% tested for flow, mix, and pressure.


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Piato Collection

Piato Collection exhibits strong right-angle lines and strong geometric forms following a minimalist approach.

All Komodo Tapware models come in several finish and colour options including; PearlArc, polished mirror, brushed satin, matte black & matte white. In addition, some of our specialized European style faucets have multi-coloured options creating a unique feature for our customers.


Zomodo-Piato-Collection Zomodo-Piato-Collection-1 Zomodo-Piato-Collection-2 Zomodo-Piato-Collection-3